Sunday, April 19, 2015

Muffins? Cupcakes? You never knew you needed...

Wilton batter spoons. More specifically, "Scoop it" batter spoons.

I know. I was skeptical, too.

My mom has been talking about these for awhile now, singing their praises, really. And I thought that they couldn't possibly be that useful. But recently I was baking muffins at her house and she pulled them out for me to use, and lemme tell ya, I loved it!

These scoops portion the batter evenly for each scoop. They come in various sizes, which you can use for different jobs. My favorite feature, though, was the edges of these scoops. They are edged with a colorful line of silicone which makes it so easy to get all the batter out of the bowl without having to dirty a spatula. I was able to use every last bit of the batter, and the scoops worked well each time. By that, I mean that the first scoop of batter was as easy and clean as the last.

No drips, no overflowing cupcakes, and no extra utensils to dirty? I'm sold.

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